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Self-titled, debut album AVAILABLE NOW!

On Album:
Joe Paisley- Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
Kc Marotta- Drums

Additional Members:
Robby Erickson- Guitar
Conner Schneberger- Bass

Mastered by Grammy Award winner, 11 time RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Recording recipient, Alan Sanderson. (


released April 14, 2015

Recorded and Produced by Bill Nieman and Joe Paisley at Rainbow Trout Studios (Spokane, WA)

Mastered by Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording (San Diego, CA)

© 2015 Moretta. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Moretta Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Paisley- Vocals
KC- Drums
Robby- Guitar
Conner- Bass

In a genre that has become increasingly stagnant by imitation, Moretta finds their footing by refusing to let the genre define them. Every song meticulously crafted to deliver that special something listeners feen for. ... more

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Track Name: Emergency

Pass the poison dear
I'm in too deep
These walls are collapsing
This ladder won't reach
Piecing together how I became
This liar, this monster
Suppressing the pain
My man-made emergency
A textbook example of urgency
Come on, focus this is not a drill
Backtracking is out now it's all uphill.

Cage the wolves
Stop the press
Give me a second
To sift through this mess

I can't hold my breath much longer
Kicking still sinking
Follow light and I'll find the surface
Pleading come save me
If left alone I'll never reach the coast
I'm sure to drown

Pardon me for speaking honestly
This must not be
Something that you're used to hearing
Luckily, I get it
I've been a fake
For countless years
Embedded inside me

Living through Iron bars
A nightmare I've managed
To make from the stars

I can't hold my breath much longer
Kicking still sinking
Follow light and I'll find the surface
Pleading come save me
If left alone I'll never
Make it to the coast
I'm sure to drown

But I have to keep on fighting
This is an emergency
I guess I'm finding out
Just how long I can face the flames

I can't hold my breath much longer
Kicking still sinking
Follow light and I'll find the surface
Pleading come save me
If left alone I'll never reach the coast
I don’t trust myself
Track Name: Your Heaven Is Broken Too

Put on your shirt and tie
Your Sunday disguise
Painting all these pictures
With copy and paste scriptures
Quick to point your fingers
Labeling strangers
Set the scene to show that you
Are their last hope

Is this how you sell happiness?
Searching for their faults
Then force them open
Nobody’s perfect
So why do you keep insisting that you’ll save them?
We both know your Heaven is broken too

Open arms to only
Those who follow blindly
Call the same cross home
And defend the same unknown
You're just another
Part of the problem
Pretending you don't make
The same exact mistakes

Put on your shirt and tie
Your Sunday disguise
This can’t be his intentions
Track Name: Call Me The Ghost

I was lost
In need of someone when I
Saw your eyes
And they led me here
Out of the grave
Away from self-destruction
Facing the fear
That I was dead inside

Now that you've got me
I'm curious, what will you do?
Can you see hope in me?
Because I can't seem
To get past my flaws
These scars run deep

Head in the clouds
My pride buried underneath
Whatever’s left
Just call me the ghost
You saw right through
My painted face I put on
Over the rust
Trying to hide my lies

These scars run deep

You saved me
Gave me both your hands
As I was stranded
Neck deep in quicksand
Couldn't move
Couldn't breathe
I needed you
You rescued me
Track Name: Diminishing

Take a look into the mirror
It seems you're fooling everyone
Shooting to be with the stars
While skipping over bullet points
Searching for solid ground
To set down the guilt you've been carrying

Is this who you want to be?
Misguiding everyone on everything
You set sail on the ship you built of solid stone
Is this who you want to be?

Values come then values go
Defending hard-fought innocence
Promises you know you'll break
As soon as you get what you came for
Begging for a second chance
Like that would change a thing

Can you show us that you're alive?
Or have you blacked out the sun?
Define delusion, define yourself
Track Name: Life Isn't Beautiful

Tell me how I feel again
Because I like getting under your skin
Imagine how stitches will taste
While sewing up your mouth’s mistakes
This altercation is turning the tide
I love explaining reasons but only if you love to cry
Go on now, keep on talking
I will find a blatant lie

I've waited long enough
I'm here to cross the line
Tell me again how I feel
Isn't supposed to be real
You've opened up your heart
So I'm sharpening the blade
I'm going in for the kill
This time I'm sure that I will

Every thing we've become exposed under the light

I know that this is your intent
To be using all these broken hearts
As product placement
You know that it's not half as bad
As you make it seem through a constant stream
Of life isn't beautiful

Now that you're on the stand
There's no need for holding back (let it all out)
All that you hid from me
Leading me to believe in us
I've been down many roads exactly like this
I come crawling back
Bruised and broken, torn apart
But not this time I swear I'm fucking done
Gone forever, make a change
God knows we both need this

Guidelines you’ve set in place I can no longer oblige

Talk to me
What are you hiding?
Talk to me, I’m listening
Your walls mean nothing to me now

I've seen all your masks
And laid down through the smoke
There's nothing left in this hollow chest
It has all been lost or sold
I won't be around to watch it as you
Slowly start to fall apart
Track Name: Lifting The Blindfold

When you are shown nothing
It's easy to each for the hand that offers to guide you
Our blindfolds only lifted on their mark
Manipulating. Altering. And forcing the scales in their favor
Well, the beautiful thing about power
It can be taken away
Track Name: Take It Back

Enjoy your crown
Because we’re here to take it back
To take it back

There's blood on their hands
But a smile on their face
No sign of compassion
Not even a trace
They lie through their teeth
Then demand our respect
Ask for our opinion
Then wrap a rope around our necks

This ends today
This ends right now
Cut the strings
Watch them fall

As you’re standing before the angels
Justifying your life of sin
Just remember our voices screaming
“You will have hell waiting”

How did we become
The ones without a voice?
Force-fed that it matters
And that we still have a choice
They'll do whatever it takes
To keep cashing paychecks
They'll keep stabbing our backs
To suppress the backlash

We’ve seen many men
Set out to break the mold
Ripping out the roots below their feet
Where lies have taken hold
Foundation made of broken bones
Corruption forms their trust
Transparency is just make-believe
God help us all

God help us all
Track Name: Where It Ends

This moment could pave the path
The rest of your life every breath
Dig deep into your conscience
Don't stand there watching as it passes by
And all falls apart before your eyes
Top-shelf the fear that you're not prepared

If you can't force a smile
You just revealed your answer
There's nothing left to defend
I will gladly be the one to tell you
This is where it ends

You always say you wanted more
But drop your anchor close to shore
Safety won't open doors
Ready your rifle soldier, go to war
How far is the fall? Or how deep is it?
Quit making up off-the-cuff excuses

When's the last time you needed
To have your safety net?
No one can stop you from
Cutting ties with misery
I will gladly be the one to tell you
This is where it ends
Track Name: Landmines

You address the feeling
And I address the "How'd we end up here?"
Like a couple of monsters
Ripping apart each and every word
You dig for meaning
And I build with dirt that you remove
Look inside the hole you made
Are you satisfied?

I figured you out
Have you figured me out?

Here we go again
Sound the sirens
Open mouths to open wounds
Bending until we break
Saw this coming
It's like the devil is in your head

You cover up your landmines then
Invite me in to see your point of view
A different sunset
A different way to come unglued
Look at me now!
You've seen enough to build your case
Look at me now!
I'll rise above this

I've figured you out
Have you figured me out?

You can't teach me about forgiveness
When you don't even know what it is

Now that this is over
Now that we are done
All I hear are sorrys
Rolling off your tongue
Did you ever care?
Did you even try
Tell me are you

Track Name: Progress

Pushing away from
The common good
You promise and bait us in
Like fools we assume
We're on the same side

You have all that you need, sir
What's with the gun?
We can't buy into your truths
We're watching you write and evolve
The straightforward facts all dissolve

We won't stand and fight in your place
You wouldn't do that for me
What faith tells you it’s ok
To use people for gain?

And you call this progress