What's Left Means Nothing

by Moretta

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Moretta's highly anticipated sophomore album has arrived. "What's Left Means Nothing", ironically, brings it all to the table.

In a genre that has become increasingly stagnant by imitation, Moretta finds their footing by refusing to let the genre define them. Every song meticulously crafted to deliver that special something listeners feen for. With choruses you’ll catch yourself singing at work, blended tastefully with breakdowns you can’t help but play along to on your steering wheel, Moretta continues to grow their fanbase around the globe.

Lyrically, they challenge you to look within to find purpose and meaning, urging you to no longer accept the lies being fed through mainstream media; Moretta is asking you to think for yourself, find forgiveness, and take on your internal demons with strength.


released July 28, 2017

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Joe Paisley at Paisley Productions (Coeur d'Alene, ID)

Mastered by David LaBrel (Los Angeles, CA)



all rights reserved


Moretta Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Paisley- Vocals
KC- Drums
Robby- Guitar
Conner- Bass

In a genre that has become increasingly stagnant by imitation, Moretta finds their footing by refusing to let the genre define them. Every song meticulously crafted to deliver that special something listeners feen for. ... more

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Track Name: This Feeling

How do I get rid of something that is deep inside
I’ve tried talking to myself but I see all the excuses coming
This isn’t how I pictured this all unfolding
Too far along for instructions
Far to stubborn to stop the leak
At least I know the reason
I sit awake on the edge of my bed
Oh don’t you worry
I promise I’ll be ok
Just need to corral this feeling
Track Name: At One Point

We’ve been here before
On the backend of a civil war
I never feel safe and sound
When you’re thumbing through the lost and found
From have it all to watching each pillar fall
What’s left is venerable
So this must be what I means to be your enemy

Try to remember I’m only starting now to get better
It kills me to hear you proclaim that you’re leaving
At one point you loved me

I’ve never cared much for this time of year
The cold consumes the heart
You validate by bringing up lost mistakes
Ignoring yours at will
So this must be how it feels to be your enemy

We need to get back to that state
When love wasn’t opaque
Change isn’t always a beacon of hope

We’ve had to fight for everything that we have
Don’t you dare let go
No matter how far we may veer from the road
We must always make our way back home
Track Name: Death Wish

Second chances don’t mean a lot under these circumstances
Assisting in your own demise
You feel uncomfortable when you open up
And let corrosion show us just
How bad things can be behind a smile
So save your own life
I shouldn’t have to motivate you
Dig your heels in, get out of that sinkhole
Or I’ll be reading passages at your funeral

No matter which road you decide to take
I will still follow you
Unknowing of what mistakes you’ll make
I will still stand beside you
You keep pushing the angels away
When you should be begging them to stay
With that death wish hovering

I know this isn’t easy
There’s a reason it takes control of so many lives
You’re not alone in this fight
Shake this infection
Find a sense of direction
A reason to reclaim the man you dissolved
It’s time to let go of anything that alters your reflection
Once you have nothing it’s easy to see
How much you had invested in dishonesty

It won’t get better until you turn the page
Unbury the will to improve yourself
You have to want to change
You’re finding every reason to fall apart
Starting anew isn’t easy, takes heart
It’s a fight with your former self
Track Name: Watch Me Suffer

What you see on the outside
Is what I’m feeling within
A complete disaster
A dream on fire
Forming to the floor
My lungs are growing sore
From holding in this error
Internal terror

This is my grave mistake
Looking for my great escape
What’s left means nothing
Because what’s left is me
Stand aside and watch me suffer

All the things I would die for
Are the things I’ve erased
Sending smoke signals
From inside a cave
Letting true remorse sink in
And run it’s course
No attempt to fight it
For I am the culprit
Finding solace in silence

Stay the hell away from me
My frame of mind is sickening
Inner voice abandoning
Regret upgraded to misery

I said I promised
You fell for it every time
Track Name: Headstone Remorse

Oh look, another lie
Among the layers of your devised great divide
Feeling so powerful
Even though you’re merely acting out the script you wrote
So we have to ask
Where are your manners
Clearly abusing our obsession with forgiveness
The deeper corruption goes
The harder it becomes for honest eyes to expose

Is this the part you won’t recall
Because I was front row through it all
They say that nothing could be worse
Than having true headstone remorse

We wonder how you even stand
When your platform’s built upon shifting sands
We can’t label this betrayal
Because that would imply we had established trust
So far from suffrage when you only give
A single outcome that is repulsive

Violently shaking
Your face in your hands
Deflect opinions
You don’t understand
Sorrow surrounds you
Guilt starts to infringe
You can’t close a door
That’s been ripped from the hinges
This is all an illusion of freedom
Who made you our savior
You can’t lead if no one follows
And I refuse to fall in line
Track Name: Modern Day Coward

You’re a fake
A modern day coward
Stack your digital front to parade
Your imaginary success
Unaware tat you’re representing irony
Embellishing mediocre to fast track the dream
Well the rain will come and the glue undone
Then we’ll assess what’s left of the foundation

Tell me is it lonely pretending everything is perfect
Who do you think you’re kidding
Trying to manufacture a better version of yourself
Delude the innocent to create excitement

Half sickening, half entertaining
To watch you pretend to be something
The human being that’s underneath
The seam down your back is surfacing
You’re a fake

I want to be there when failure consumes you
I want to watch as your lies collapse
Pleas for forgivness fall vacant
Your support system dwindles and snaps
You can’t claim you didn’t see this coming
Falsehoods always unearth
The truth exposed, crippling your pride

You boast about this movement
Like there’s something that we don’t see
You stand there awaiting merit
Like you’re proud of complacency
It’s nothing to be proud of
You’ve lost all respect from the others
Is that what you wanted
Track Name: Hurricane

We Are the Hurricane

Have we become true pacifists
Scared to overreact
No longer standing for what we once believed in
They want us to seek happiness
Through glowing panes of glass
It's the only way to get our attention

Try hard to recall your reasons for wanting to breathe

When we wake up
They're not letting up
And only growing more controlling with each second we wait
They won't stop now
Forcing a meltdown
But we’re the hurricane they only claim was never a threat
We won't be turned away
We will swallow the pain
We are the hurricane

Why do we let them fabricate
Who we love and hate
We won’t get upset unless they allow us to
Stop being machines
Start being human
Rediscover what makes you feel alive

We are chaining ourselves to the ground (wake up)
Attempting to dampen the sound (wake)
Overwhelming is exactly what they're aiming for
To discourage us from getting involved
Knowing they're outnumbered

Voice your opinion
Declare this your concern
Dig deep, igniting passion
Then let that motherfucker burn
Track Name: Cue the Silence

We all watched the numbers plummet
As result of their good intent
Left with only our looming shadows
Will we find the strength to overcome

Struggling to clear my mind
Sirens shatter any tranquility
Mocked up inside
Ash from nearby cities thickens the air
Passion is poison for armchair despair
Hollow eyes centralize around the fire
Criticizing each other's plans of survival
Constant fear becomes sleepless nights
Will we see tomorrow
Will we see the light

Lying underneath fluorescent moonlight
Praying that sunrise saves us all
The ground below will be our makeshift deathbed
Cue the silence, bow your head
Our reckoning

Just run! No time to talk
No destination
No feelings
No thought
The streets are barren
This was our home
Now a reminder of what's to come
Our memories defaced
Friendships replaced
Refusing to change got us here in the first place
It's getting harder to find
The strength that's required for peace of mind

The overwhelming amount
Of reasons to cower
Just keeps on growing
But we despite the setbacks
Will keep piecing ourselves together
We will do whatever it takes
To keep this torch aflame
Track Name: Codependent on Heartbreak

Happiness is all result of
Cutting out the memories you hate
Everyone is on the brink of
Completely losing their minds
Still you can’t keep it together

Take a good look at what you’ve done
To your self love, to your self worth
No one listens when you cry wolf
You have worn out, every helping hand
You’re codependent on heartbreak

Always searching for that next thing
You say this time I’ll be a better me
You could sit high atop a throne
And still find a way to tear it down

Construct. Destruct. Reach out. Repeat
Mining your friendships to feel complete
Push forward. Retreat.
You say oh god pity me
When you are the problem singlehandedly
It’s all your way of gaining attention
Artificial affection

You’re codependent on heartbreak
Filling voids with each mistake you make
Starting over to feel alive
Track Name: Revive the Broken

We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive
And unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts
Far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it

You showcase aggressive lies
That you've disguised to polarize us
Mining emotion like you always do
Becoming mercenaries who defend
Media built luminaries
Put us against ourselves
To gain more control
Let's push aside our differences
The world is burning
Be the one to make a change
Revive the broken
Stop the lines drawn in the sand
From forming canyons
See eye to eye stand hand in hand
To bridge division
Increasingly deaf to our concerns
When we let them just push undo
Hold them accountable for the claims they make
And the people they betray
Don't think for a second
They have our best interest in mind
They're not on our side
Don't confirm your morals
They're not our marker
Don't let them fool you
By building trust through fear
Track Name: The Unknown

This isn’t how you treat
Someone who’s giving everything
If this is caring you’ll never reach the top
You can’t run from yourself forever
Choices you make you keep
Can’t run fro yourself forever
Eventually you’ll have to mend all these pieces

How did your view on friendship
Evolve into something optional, replaceable
It makes me sick

I’ve worn my patience thin waiting on you
For some kind of change of heart

I don’t know if it will ever come
But I’m staying hopeful for the hopeless
Put in the time, realign personal goals
Because I won’t waste my time
Feed the fire, the desire fueling us all
You seem to have lost your way

I’ve worn my patience thin waiting on you
For some kind of change of heart
I know it’s somewhere inside on you
Can you feel this pain and suffering
I wont lie awake tonight
The unknown slowly tearing me apart

Showing compassion triggers a chain reaction
Remove and denounce your ties to anything
If this is what you want don’t expect me to hold on
If this is what you want don’t expect me to wait

Wearing my patience thin waiting on a change of heart
I know it’s somewhere inside of you
Can you feel this pain, no I want lie awake tonight
The unknown is killing me
The unknown

You cast these ideal threats
Well I’ll show you what it means
To follow through